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Snatch your waist and smooth out your back fat with our premium quality waist trainers. It is1 zipper and 2 Velcro bands 1 for upper abdomen and 1 for lower abdomen for extra support of helping lower belly fat flatten and smooth out to give you the ultimate hourglass shape. 

We recommend wearing your trainers a minimum of 8 hours a day for maximum results. To enhance your results, pre wrap your stomach our Alleviate Sweat Cream and Saran Wrap to sweat more. This trainer is comfortable enough to wear on bare skin or over a shirt. 

We suggest ordering a size down from your shirt size. If you are available to come in we will size you complimentary. Perfect to wear after body sculpting services.

Black Laced Waist Trainer

$79.00 Regular Price
$55.30Sale Price
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