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LBL Offers training courses in the following 

Eyelash Extensions Training

8 hour One on one training learn the history of Eyelash Extensions. This training is an intense and detailed course where you learn the proper way to apply for Eyelash Extensions one by one. Proper sanitation, sterilization, and disinfection. Marketing, live model demonstrations for trainees and trainer. How to properly hold tweezers and put up lashes, and so much more including your starter kit to get started right away after you receive your certificate.

Advanced Facial Training
For Licensed Estheticians and Cosmetologists only

This Advanced Training Facial Class is for those needing to enhance or elevate your facial clientele or simply need a refresh your techniques if it’s been a while since you’ve performed a facial. We will go over facial techniques, products knowledge, products ingredients, types of facials and/or machines, ways to grow your facial business ana keep your clients coming back. 

Dermaplane Training
For Licensed Estheticians and Cosmetologists Only

This advanced exfoliation method is the one service that will give your clients that instant glow. This training covers the proper way to manually remove dead skin cells and vellus hair aka peach fuzz off of your clients face. Starter kit is included.

Business Consultations 

As entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs we need mentors, support, and have tons of questions about starting a business and I am here to guide you and give you sound advice to be successful.

LBL Virtual Facial Training Course

Learn the in's and out's of how to do a professional facial and give your client the glowing results they desire. 

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